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Thread: Interav alt and Plane-power regulator

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    Default Re: Interav alt and Plane-power regulator

    My A&P decided probably best to replace the "not certified for use in Piper" Zeftronics R15100 with a Plane Power R1224... along with all the what-looks-like original wiring.... really yucky!


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    Default Re: Interav alt and Plane-power regulator

    Quote Originally Posted by McDaver63 View Post
    I'm not exactly sure what Piper recommends, it is not stated in my POH for a 52 PA-22, but I've always heard 14.2 +/- .4 volts from my IA
    . Mine is currently at about 13.8 volts so I want to turn it up a bit.
    I always thought 14.2 was ideal but a fellow IA who works for an avionics shop told me the other day 13.8 is better. Especially if you have a Gill battery. He did some reseach on the subject because one of their customers was changing batteries every year. I got to checking the airplanes I work and the aircraft charging at a lower rate have older batteries (3-4 years and still going). The aircraft with systems set to charge at a higher voltage were going through batteries every year or 2. Not hard evidence but enough for me to make some regulator adjustments where possible to see what happens.
    "Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement." - Fred Brooks

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    Default Re: Interav alt and Plane-power regulator

    Quality Aircraft Accessories has spare parts and does overhauls. Have replaced a few sets of brushes in the Inter Av alternators.

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