I still have a pair of PA-22-135 12 rib wings for sale, ready to install & fly. STC'd Stewart tips, (copy of 337 & no fee STC transfer to new aircraft) installed 4/2016, Recovered with Poly Fiber, painted Poly Tone Daytona White #120 & Tennessee Red #190 on leading edge, has flaps, Ailerons & new cables. No pitot tube, fuel tanks or tank covers. (Used on my new set of wings) Wings are stored in wing rack, in hanger.

Wings, (above) came with project PA-22-150. Was not until after the Tip STC installation, recover and 10 hours of flight, discovered they were not the correct wings for the 150. Interesting the number of AP/IA's who were not aware the 12 rib wings were not legal on the PA-22-150/160.

So, long story, still long, I located a pair of 13 rib wings, repaired, cleaned, Installed Stewart tips with new tip STC, primed, covered with Poly Fiber, painted same as above, my thanks to Dave Moore & Rich Waldron for parts & pieces.

Local pickup desired. Freight expensive. Located Kennewick, WA