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Thread: Water in fuel?

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    Default Re: Water in fuel?

    If your mechanic is using the Piper Checklist it call for checking the gascolator and carburetor finger screen and draining the carburetor bowl. I use a clear container to catch the carb bowl contents to inspect.

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    Default Re: Water in fuel?

    Quote Originally Posted by dougclinton View Post
    After reading all the replies to my original post I am starting to believe my near engine failure has more to do with the mech's work on the gascolator (The low point in the fuel system) and the possibility of interior hose parts clogging my fuel flow. When we finally got it started after the near mishap the only way to keep it running was with the primer but after a few minutes it did smooth out. I was not there to witness the removal of the carburetor float bowl during the troubleshooting so I don't know what the fuel in the bowl looked like. A mechanic's helper said it looked murky/cloudy but that more fuel drained through the carb was clear. Huh?

    I really like my mechanic who treats me fairly with regards to his pricing and I don''t want to accuse him of inferior work. He has made some fine mods and repairs to the airplane to include Steve's Rudder Trim rarely done on a Tri Pacer not converted to a tail dragger, the flight controls interconnect removal to include the Colt steering horn, spin-on oil filter and others. Sometimes, though, the A&E has to rely on hired help who may not be quite as astute.

    Still, it is disconcerting to have a major engine problem and not be able to isolate the cause.

    Mongoose, could you offer a little more info on your recent engine problem?
    Sure! I had my engine shop go over everything and what they found
    was lead build up and evidence that the exhaust valve in cylinder #3 was sticking. They are now performing
    Lycoming Service Instruction 1425A to correct the problem. Iíll follow up once that is complete.

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