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Thread: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

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    Default O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    Hi. Anyone know what's involved with the Wag-Aero STC for the O320 upgrade for my Colt taildragger? Cowling mods? Also what model of O320 is best suited? Id like to use a "B" model or better with 160 HP if possible...any input appreciated. Thanks Tom

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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    Tom, Have you talked to Wagaero? I wondered if there was someone there that knew much about the STC. We put the O-320-B in a Clipper with the oil cooler mounted on the rear baffle. This was all done on a field approval. If your FSDO is somewhat reasonable you can probably get approvals on some of the more popular engine installation mods if they aren't incorporated in the STC. I have pictures of the oil cooler and engine installation. Built a stock lower cowl which was just like a Pacer.

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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    Hey Thanks for the reply. Wagaero said it would have to be an O320 "A" or "B" model with an oil cooler installed and the nose bowl modified. The STC is around $150. Sounds like the original cowling will work but the nosebowl modification is the unknown. Also, which "A" or "B" model? Does it matter? Thanks again. Tom

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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    The cowling mod is probably the addition of the oil cooler scoop. A question though, dose this STC apply to a standard PA-22-108 or dose it have to be converted to a taildragger first? I know that that is the preresiquite for the 0-360 upgrade on the PA-22's. - Bryant

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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    The only reason a PA-22 has to be converted to conventional gear for a 0-360 engine is because the carburetor on a 0-360 is 3 inches lower and farther forward than the 0-320. This puts the airbox right in the middle of the nose gear strut. We are considering doing the 0-360 constant speed conversion on our PA-22 Tripacer utilizing a airbox that pulls the intake air from the side. Similar to a Cherokee system. Another one of those "one of these days" projects.

    As far as the -108 conversion. For a 0-320, it can be left in the standard or conventional gear. You are basically bolting up firewall forward the same as a standard PA-22 with 0-320 installation. I would look for a good nose bowl with the oil cooler scoop already installed or do a field approval for rear oil cooler on the baffle and leave the stock nose bowl on.


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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT

    Why must the oil cooler be mounted on the chin? The O235 doesn't have an oil cooler so to my way of thinking, it could be mounted on the rear baffle or firewall if room. That is unless the STC states that the oil cooler must be mounted on the chin. Using the Colt nose bowl provides for a very neat installation.
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    Default Re: O320 upgrade conversion on COLT


    .......Why must the oil cooler be mounted on the chin?

    Because you're doing a mod that copies what Piper would have done originally. If you don't want to put the cooler in the chin, you're going to need some additional paper work. Even thinking about an under the chin install is crazy.
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