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Thread: Windshield Installation

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    Default Re: windshield installation

    Quote Originally Posted by cammons3 View Post
    http://www.lpaero.com/documentation.html:Generic but good information on installation as well as care

    : Kind of Generic, but some good information

    http://forum.shortwingpiperclub.org/...-Installation: How Zac Weidner installed windows on his Tripacer

    http://www.univair.com/content/PIP_SB0174B.pdf: Deals with Inspection and Maintenance of Fuselage Fabric in Area ofWindshield Top Attachment Channel (might be a little out of scope)

    http://www.shortwingpipers.org/forum...ht=windshield: Much on sealants used

    I have decided that I don't like the strip-caulk on the top edge of the windshield. It has worked well everywhere else and allows the plastic to expand and contract, but this movement causes the windshield to pull the caulk out of the top edge and I am always having to knead it back underneath. I would use another compound on that particular area if I were to do it again.

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    Default Re: Windshield Installation

    If you have a little Oxy/Acetylene torch, use a small flame to melt just the sharp edged of the edges and the holes. Drill the hole plenty big. I have used 1/8" vacuum hose from the auto parts store to make little donuts as cushions. Never had one crack, yet.
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    Default Re: Windshield Installation

    I live in AZ and will add this. I wait for a 104-110 day for windshield work. It makes it a lot less scary for me. ;-)

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