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Thread: PA-22 AD's and Service Bulletiins

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    Default PA-22 AD's and Service Bulletiins

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking at buying a 1952 PA-22. The airplane has been dis-assembled and stored for about 12 years (since 1999, apparently). The price seems about right, but I am wondering about AD's/Service Bulletins that have been released since it was dis-assembled just so I know what I may be getting in to if I purchase the project.

    The airplane is complete (has Lycoming O-320 engine which has been partially rebuilt).

    I've owned several airplanes but, although I've flown a TriPacer many times, I've not owned one before. Any direction you can give me would be appreciated!

    Thanks for your advice!


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    look here: http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Gu...meset?OpenPage

    Here is the short list:

    99-01-05 02/08/1999 Wing Lift Struts or Forks
    85-06-04 05/04/1985 Fuel Tank
    85-02-05 R1 11/21/1997 Piper P/N’s 81090-02, 683-107 Placard Installation
    78-10-03 05/23/1978 Fuel Venting
    74-17-04 04/11/1977 Fabric Reinforcement
    73-09-06 05/07/1973 Operating Limitation Placard - Throttle Hangup
    72-21-03 10/13/1972 Fuel Line Failure
    68-05-01 Upon Receipt Exhaust Mufflers
    67-24-02 Upon Receipt Engine Fuel Starvation
    64-05-04 03/30/1964 Upper Main Oleo Bearings
    60-10-08 Upon Receipt Fuel Selector Valve
    60-01-07 Upon Receipt Tail Brace Wires
    59-10-08 Upon Receipt Gas Tank Cap Vent
    58-16-01 Upon Receipt Cigar Lighter Fuse
    57-22-01 Upon Receipt Fire Prevention Rework
    55-22-03 Upon Receipt Fuel Tank Cap
    55-08-04 Upon Receipt Ignition Filter Replacement
    55-07-02 Upon Receipt Landing Gear Tube Reinforcement
    53-24-04 Upon Receipt Fuel-Hydraulic Lines
    51-27-03 Upon Receipt Nose Wheel Drain
    51-23-03 Upon Receipt Battery Box Insulation
    51-19-02 Upon Receipt Oil Radiator Hose

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    Default PA-22 AD's, etc

    Thanks, Rocket! This will at least give me a reference as I go through the logs on the airplane and see what's already been done (hopefully). I've been without a plane for a few years and it's making me crazy (er), and since I sort of enjoy working on the tube and fabric ones, this should be entertaining if nothing else.

    Thanks again!!


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    If you have the stock 12 rib wing, you are going to need a STC for that O-320. When Piper put the O-320 on the 55' PA-22 they decided it needed a 13 rib wing for the added thrust.

    I have a 52' fuselage with 13 ribs, a O-320, 160hp turning a 74X60 prop.

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    Thank you! Another one to add to my list!!

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    Thanks again for your info---I was wondering (assuming the 13th rib has been installed already) where it would be located in the wing. The wings are off the fuselage now, so it should be reasonably easy to see what's up there...I'm hoping (I believe the O-320 had been previously installed on the plane) it will already be there. But, if not, is it a situation where the spars have to be replaced with longer ones or does the extra rib go between a couple existing ones?

    Thanks again for your help!!


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    No need to add an extra rib. The STCs I have seen for the O-320 on the O-290 powered Tri-Pacers don't require anything other than the flight manual supplement. The extra rib helped with the higher Vne that went along with it and the bigger engine. In the donating members section are all the applicable airworthiness directives and service bulletins. If you are interested in being a donating member here is a link. http://www.shortwingpipers.org/join.html

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    Thanks very much, Steve...that's good to know. The Tri-Pacer I used to fly had 150HP Lyc and I think just the standard wings, but that was in the late sixties, so things easily could have changed. I will become a donating member so I can access the other stuff.

    Thanks again!!


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    There are also AD's for the mag's, the Lycoming oil pump, and possibly the prop.

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    Thanks very much KK, I will look for those as I'm reviewing the logs later today!


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