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Thread: Pulley Bearings

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    Default Pulley Bearings

    I've looked all over, searched this site and no luck with this answer. There is mention of a pulley topic but the link doesn't work. I want to replace the bushing in all of my pulleys. The phenolic pulleys are fine but the little bearings have some wear. Has anyone been able to do this? Where in the world did you find them? Thanks! Tim

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    I got ball-bearing pulleys for the Vagabond from Dakota Cub.

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    Default Re: Pulley Bearings

    I'm taking it you mean the small BUSHINGS that go inside the pulleys??? Univair has them by piper p/n (which can be found in the [Piper] Parts Manual). They also have the CORRECT p/n thin "washers" that space the pulleys from "dragging" on the steel mount tabs when they turn.

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    Thanks John. I'll take a look at that. I would live to use ball bearing but I'm not sure I can and still stay certified. I don't know of an STC for them or even how to convert the ball bearing part numbers. If they are anything of the cost for original pulleys then I'll have to pass anyway. I'm itching to fly again and I still see at least two years before that happens.

    Thanks for the reply guys!


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    Thanks again JohnW,

    You saved me some hair pulling with the washer tip. I just ordered everything I need from Univair. Sure is nice to punch in the piper part number and have it come up with the part. Usually takes a few tries with their numbering system but I got it! I didn't notice the washers were piper specific or I would have just put in the thin AN type and would have messed everything up.


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