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Thread: Bringing home the Clipper

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    Default Bringing home the Clipper

    Hi, I am am new to the forum with my first Piper.

    Won my Clipper in Ebay, It is a nose over case and will need a few pieces as well as a prop repair or replacement, windshield and nose cowl.

    It will get a Budget truck ride from Indiana to Florida where I will start a serious parts list of items needed.

    Any advice, cautions or warnings forthcoming will be appreciated.

    Chris Sutton

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Welcome, my Vagabond arrived in a truck also.
    3x the time and money estimated works out about right.
    Have fun.

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Looking forward to it, Chris. Just PM us with your Credit Card numbers and we'll be happy to help (nooooooooo, honest, just kidding! We're happy to help for because we LIKE TO!). I might ask if you left out the thought of AT LEAST a crank runout check (or was that some kind of Freudian mind block)? Your Lycoming has an A.D. to perform on the crank when "any" damage to your prop has occurred (running, or not). If the prop was bent or severely "stabbed" enough to require "repair ro replacement", it's a pretty sure thing the crank was damaged, too.

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    I will most likely have some extra poly fiber items if you have fabric repairs to make.(Poly Brush /Poly Spray)

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    You can strap the wings to the walls. Get plenty of foam rubber, duct tape, ratchet straps, rope and zip lock bags. Quilts and blankets from Goodwill are good for packing and a digital camera for every single thing you take apart saves a ton of head scratching later. Done a lot of these trips with open trailers and packed a few in containers and trucks. Way better in a covered truck. Good luck and be sure and post some pictures.

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Chris, The Clipper is an excellent aircraft. You might look into a skylight when you are doing the windshield, it really opens up the cockpit.
    "You can only tie the record for flying low."

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Congratulations on the new airplane!
    When your transporting it, don't use Styrofoam it will rub right through the fabric.

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the welcome, the Clipper is home and all went well with manageable overuns. Chris

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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    Hi John, Thanks for the reminder, Just returned with the Clipper. Planning to drop the engine and then decide if a teardown or upgrade is in order. Time on the enginw is 1880 SMOH and 990 since a top overhaul. Thinking maybe an 0320 would be a nice addition, looks like all pluses. I wll be looking for advice and options on that part of the project.


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    Default Re: Bringing home the Clipper

    HI Moe, just returned and begining to do the inspections and there will be a little to do than expected, no surprise there.

    PM me with what you have and any other bits and pieces that you may have I just may be in need,


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