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Thread: Piper Colt Wheel Covers

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    Default Piper Colt Wheel Covers

    Does anyone know where I can find some wheel covers for a 1962 Piper Colt?

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    Default Re: Piper Colt Wheel Covers

    Wheel covers, or wheel pants?

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    Default Re: Piper Colt Wheel Covers

    I have a set of wheel pants, if that is what you are hunting.

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    Default Re: Piper Colt Wheel Covers

    Somebody pointed out these hub caps on Ebay

    $(KGrHqRHJCgE9sK4sk,LBPc-oDgHLw~~60_58.JPG but I don't know anything about them other that what the seller (which is not me) has listed.
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