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Thread: Has the Dakota Cub fuel valve changed your fuel management?

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    Default Re: Has the Dakota Cub fuel valve changed your fuel management?

    I really like the Atlee caps. They are stainless steel and have a good handle on top that even you cold weather guys with big heavy gloves can grab. In fact I just traded a set of Univair caps for Atlee Dodge caps recently.

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    Default Re: Has the Dakota Cub fuel valve changed your fuel management?

    Quote Originally Posted by deandayton View Post
    I think I've found why the right tank is not flowing when using the both position. The gasket on the right cap is a little thicker, this is causing it to partially block the vent holes around the edge of the cap. The left side appears to have the same problem but not as bad. I replaced the gasket on the right side with a smaller gasket that does not cover the holes and now the right side drains faster than the left.

    Oh well. I already ordered a new set of F Atlee Dodge caps before I figured this out. Hopefully the new caps will eliminate the tendency to get water in the tanks during a heavy rain.
    I have no issue with the original caps, they work fine. If your vents are being blocked by the rubber gaskets that will cause problems with flow. That is not the issue with my previous flow problems when in BOTH position, my gaskets were the same and no vents blocked. If you are getting water in the tank than take a close look at the rubber gasket around the tank cover hole the filler neck goes through, if that rubber gasket is installed wrong and is sealed tight around the filler neck and tight against the underside of the tank cover, and the bottom of your gas caps (where the vents are) sit below the tank cover you will get lots of water in the tank during heavy rain. When I bought my plane it had that gasket installed like that, when I washed the plane I got about a cup of water in the gas tank, no water got inside the wing, but it floods the neck area and enters the tank through the gas cap vents on the original style caps with the vents on the lower inside of the cap (pic below).

    That same filler neck to tank cover gasket can also be blocking your cap vents if your caps are pressed against it.. the reason for the drilling vent holes through to the outside AD of the cap, like the dodge caps (2nd pic) that sell for about a hundred bucks shipped.

    Original caps work well as long as your vents are clear, weld a tab on top to grip them and apply some ez turn lube on the rubber gasket so they twist on/off easier.
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    Default Re: Has the Dakota Cub fuel valve changed your fuel management?

    I received the F Atlee Dodge caps from Univair. The tag attached says they are PMA approved with STC SA02040AK installed. They didn't include a copy of the STC. Am I correct in thinking that I need to provide my IA with a copy of the STC so that he can do a 337? Where can I obtain this STC? Do I have to buy it from F Atlee Dodge?

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