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Thread: Metalized PA22 concerns

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    Default Metalized PA22 concerns

    Hello all, I am thinking about purchasing a 53 PA22 that is metalized. I have never worked on a metalized Tri Pacer. Any advice on trouble spots?( I know that is a loaded question.) We have owned a 53 in the family since 64 and have done about all major work on several including replacing tubes, just never seen an all metal.


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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    There are lots of opinions here on metalized sw's. Do a search we recenty had a good discussion on this topic, there were many positive comments.
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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    I have been reading the posts. Until I get to inspect the airplane I do not what I am looking for.

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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    From a corrosion stand point I think metalized is better because there are standoffs which keeps the metal and the dirt and debris off the tubing. Door and window channels may be worse because I believe there are more holes in them to allow water in.

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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    I've been taking care of a metalized pacer for 30 years, not much different than a fabric piper. It is a little different than a spam can in that the alu. is thinner, .015 mostly so you will be looking for cracking, not a big problem. Watch the rivets on the bottom of the wing, the top is standard 3/32 solid bucked but the bottom is Avdel tubular blind rivets if the metalization was done by Skycraft who did most of them, and watch for loose ones. You have to be careful when replacing them as the rib edge distance is minimal and prone to cracking, another thing to look for. The fuselage is easier as Steve said but you still have to watch the door frames.
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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    My '51 was metalized in 1961 and has a few minor patches, but looks great. I agree with the door frame comment, but other than that I'm very happy with it.

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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Metalized PA22 concerns

    I always wanted to metalize mu PA-20!
    When I was young I worked with Fred Robison ar Lanette AL. and we metalized a set for wings on a PA-22 and this aircraft was faster that it previouslu was and I thought it was a good thing. I have seen one Metalized fuselage and I liked it's looks. Also I think that with the stand off of the skin I think the longerons would last longer. Perhaps if proper care was taken with the door areas this would work as well. Of course you should be careful with dissimilar metal corrosion!.
    Does anyone know if there are any STCs available for sale??



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