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  1. PA22-20 oil cooler relocate to rear baffle

    Howdy ya’all
    Not new to following the site but haven’t post previously. Pardon in advance for my fumbles as I figure this out. Attempted to search previous posts on oil cooler relocate and came up dry.
    Purchased a 57 PA 22-20 160 about 4 years ago.During recent annual my mechanic discovered no log book entries on the relocated oil cooler to rear baffle adjacent # 4. Looking for any info and/or STC/337 for this mod to tidy up the logs.
    Thanks for your time,
    Geir Andersen ...
  2. Rudder Cable Installation

    For a PA-16 Clipper.

    I cant seem to find it in the SWPC drawings. I am looking for the correct P/N screw/bolt that attaches the rudder cables to the rudder. It appears that what is currently installed is an AN23-xx clevis bolt with an AN310 castle nut and cotter pin. What do you all have there? AN23 clevis bolt, AN3 bolt, or something else?

    Lucas F
  3. Wing Repair

    I am looking to have repairs and cover for a set of 53 Tripacer wings. One wing is about 2/3 rebuilt, the other has not been disassembled yet. I know I probably won't find a spot tomorrow but I need a path forward. Located in northern Utah but can bring them elsewhere. Utah and Nebraska are easy for me but I can travel. The mechanic said he won't have time to continue work on it.

    In the mean time I am looking for a set of wings to buy to get the plane in the air or a whole airplane ...
  4. Fuel sending units/Tri Pacer

    Good evening,

    I would like to get the fuel sending units from my fuel tanks rebuilt. Does anyone know a company that provides that service. I know I can time the burn etc -but would still like some accuracy of the fuel gauges.
    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thanks, Marsha
  5. Pa22

    Looking for info..I have just finished squaring the wings of my PA22 floatplane and now installing fabric..my question is this..looking for anyone who has done this procedure have they got a weight increase via 337..for their aircraft if so would they be willing to share this with me.
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