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  1. Air oil separator

    Anyone have experience with Airflow Systems Super Slime Fighter air oil
  2. Landing/Taxi light lens install

    Long story short, replaced my landing and taxi lights w/ LED. Got ahead of myself removing the lens cover. It dropped on the hangar floor and broke. My new cover arrived today w/out pre-drilled holes. Any suggestions on marking and drilling holes to match with the current holes on the wing and prevent cracking the new lens?


  3. Elevator trim

    My 1950 Pacer's Elevator trim cable came out of the pulley aft of the baggage compartment and started to fray the cable. I have the parts to convert to a double sheave pulley, but am missing the mounting bracket for the additional pulley at the jack screw. I did a search and found some info, but the pictures in the posts did not show. Any ideas on how to mount the pulley with out welding would be greatly appreciated!Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Cockpit Light

    Been spring cleaning the aircraft and realized my post lights aren't doing a lot for me. Over my left shoulder I have a C4-A cockpit light that hasn't been the most useful. On the right side is the stock light post. I went with Tom Andersons LED conversion kit. It comes with two lights. Any ideas on what it takes to replace and remove the C4-A light so that I can mount the conversion kit?


    HELLO...... I own a 1957 Piper Tri Pacer .... the "Love of My Life" ... I was wanting to replace the bubble windshield on "My Baby"... I have not been able to find anywhere any detailed or specific instructions on how to remove and replace the windshield. Does anyone know where I can get specific detailed instructions and/or drawings, videos or other specific instructions. I would be so very grateful if anyone can help me with where to find the detailed or specific instructions
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