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  1. Parking Brake Control Valve

    I am looking for Parking Brake Control Valve for a PA22-150. Part number in Parts Catalogue appears to be 14721-00 (492 042). I cannot find those numbers. Found a couple of places the Univair U4500A-1 and U4500A-2. However, the number is 4200-A1 which isn't supposed to fit my serial number plane (too low numbers).

    Thanks for any guidance
  2. Bushmaster

    I am interested in buying a bushmaster that was built in the late nineties..constant speed propeller with 210 HP Continental engine with 500 hrs. Since overhaul and 700 hrs. On the airframe..pilots door.
    looking for suggestions on what this aircraft might be worth.
  3. HELP: huge oil leaking thru the oil vent PA-20 Piper Pacer

    Hello.. I've experienced a huge oil leak thru the vent in my PA-20 (engine: O-290 D2) lately and still don't know the reason and the mechanics i've talked to have all of them different reasonable opinions, but none of them are revealing. Is also important to notice that i dont trust very much on my temperature indicator, it marks 140F once it gets hot and it doesnt move from there at any time during flight, so it may be wrong data (I should check that too, i know)
    During Flight I notice that ...
  4. Air oil separator

    Anyone have experience with Airflow Systems Super Slime Fighter air oil
  5. Landing/Taxi light lens install

    Long story short, replaced my landing and taxi lights w/ LED. Got ahead of myself removing the lens cover. It dropped on the hangar floor and broke. My new cover arrived today w/out pre-drilled holes. Any suggestions on marking and drilling holes to match with the current holes on the wing and prevent cracking the new lens?


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