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  1. thebeerdedpilot's Avatar
    Are you flying in or driving? If you're driving, prepare for really cool weather and really hot weather. One year it go so cold we wore every piece of clothing we brought to bed. It still wasn't enough. Cooler for snacks and food are a must. The food on the grounds is just okay. Plus I heard that the staffing is going to be way down. So, if you can run into town for some food that would be ideal. Sunscreen and bug spray will be super helpful as well.
  2. RRHall's Avatar
    Take a big roll of Duct tape. It saved my butt when a thunderstorm came through and broke one of my tent poles and ripped my tent.
  3. blue44's Avatar
    hi Greg, we are also packing for KOSH but just for a couple. I think some rain gear, pillows and cots or air mattresses might be good additions. You probably have separate lists for a survival pack, tie-down stuff, and maintenance. Look forward to seeing you there... Cheers, Donn C.