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Weight and balance

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I think I need to tell more. I bought a pa 22 that was damaged and in a lot of pieces. When asked what I was going to do with the plane I responded rebuild it. One of my friends suggested I turn it into a pa 22/20 heard all you have to do is turn the gear around and add a tail wheel. After looking into the pa 22/20 I discovered there was two (2) STC's and some horror stories about turning the gear around. What to do! I did a lot of research on the internet, got blue prints , played around with auto cad and came to the conclusion that you can just turn the gear around. However, it will take some work to accomplish. A phone call to the local FSDO and a long discussion that it can be done with a 337. The FSDO guy kept
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  1. maulenw@gmail.com's Avatar
    Itís doable, but quite involved & not inexpensive.
    Trimmer Aviation, Willow Alaska STC AS02345AK Probably one of the best. Landing gear provides lift for improved angle of attack in 3 point attitude, with a wider stance, while trading bungees for maule struts. TC cost $750 plus parts and labor. Check it at www.trimmeraviation.com
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