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bob francis

Pulling chocks after Vagabond hand prop

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Has anyone figured out a way or a device to remove chocks from inside the Vagabond after starting? The tires sit about 2 ft ahead of the seats and simply pulling on attached rope won't effectively remove the forward chocks.
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  1. Subsonic's Avatar
    Tough one. I assume you're by yourself. Does the Vagabond have a parking brake? If it's a "push a rope" problem you might consider using a stick. Maybe a 4 ft long piece of 1/2" diameter thin wall aluminum tubing or even an oak dowel same length, with a one or two inch rope link to the front chock. That lets you initially push and wiggle the chock forward then swing it out and pull the whole contraption in the window and stow somewhere. Just a thought.
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  2. blueshortwing's Avatar
    I hand prop my Vag from behind the propeller. Use my foot as a chock on the RH tire as I pull the prop through. Usually starts first blade and I duck under the strut, reach in the cockpit and turn the fuel back on and adjust throttle to minimum idle. Hop in and use toe brakes.--Ross
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