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HELLO...... I own a 1957 Piper Tri Pacer .... the "Love of My Life" ... I was wanting to replace the bubble windshield on "My Baby"... I have not been able to find anywhere any detailed or specific instructions on how to remove and replace the windshield. Does anyone know where I can get specific detailed instructions and/or drawings, videos or other specific instructions. I would be so very grateful if anyone can help me with where to find the detailed or specific instructions for the bubble windshield replacement procedures. Please Advise........ THANKS SO MUCH......!!! GLENN, DIVAIR@AOL.COM.
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  1. at7615's Avatar
    Hey Glenn, far as I know there is not a "maintenance manual" for a PA-22. The shortwingpiperclub has a drawing cd, sounds like you need an A & P to help you with this project.
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