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Landing/Taxi light lens install

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Long story short, replaced my landing and taxi lights w/ LED. Got ahead of myself removing the lens cover. It dropped on the hangar floor and broke. My new cover arrived today w/out pre-drilled holes. Any suggestions on marking and drilling holes to match with the current holes on the wing and prevent cracking the new lens?


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  1. avspecguy's Avatar
    I'm surprised that no one has responded to this by now. It looks like this post has been here for a while so you have probably solved the problem by now but I'll give you my two cents worth.

    I had the same situation recently and was able to position the lens in place and then drill the holes by looking through the plexiglass. You can see the holes quite easily and it's easy to position the drill bit accurately. I used a unibit, or step drill which makes nice holes without any risk of breaking the plexiglass like a regular drill bit. Only drill to the first hole size to locate the hole then remove the lens to finish drilling the holes to size. Be sure to drill the holes a couple of steps oversize since plexiglass grows and shrinks enough to cause cracking around the holes if they don't allow the plexiglass to move a little bit.

    I hope this helps!
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