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Handy Things to Know About the New ShortWingPiper.Org Forums

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Hey folks, here is some handy stuff to know!

1. To change your time zone, go to "settings" in the upper right when logged in, then go to "forum settings" and set your time zone. You may want to set some other handy features in here too!

2. Under settings is also where you can upload an avatar and a profile picture, as well as put photos in your personal albums.

3. You will see that you have "friends and contacts". If you have ever used Facebook or a similar application, this allows you to mark certain others as "friends" and be alerted when they post.

4. Lots of questions are answered in the FAQ link above on the main forum screen.

More helpful hints as I think of them, or add your own!

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Updated 01-07-2010 at 11:59 AM by sj

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  1. Steve Pierce's Avatar
    I was looking for the emotion icons that appear in a post when SJ asked me if I had WFYSIWYG on. Is that kinda like the muffler bearings, wing wash and a hanger stretcher? I looked and low and behold he wasn't yankin' my chain. I went to the top right hand corner of the page and clicked on Settings. Then the lower left hand corner there is a Forums heading with a Forums Settings tab. Click on that and at the bottom of the page it takes you to there is a Miscellaneous Options heading and Message Editor Interface under that. Just click the bubble next to Enhanced Interface- Full WFYSIWYG Editing and you can now use smiley faces, bold text and all kinds of edits in your posts. And I didn't think I could learn this computer stuff.
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