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Here are a few more pictures showing both forward and aft (middle picture) spar, all I could find on the brackets. I did use standard PA18 attachment fitting for the front spar and as I remember I had to cut them down because they were too long.. I spent a lot of time getting the attachment brackets located. But, there is some flexibility. The struts will be built to the actual distance.
For the front spar strut fitting, used Piper PN#14192. In the Sper Pacer drawings, it calls for a gap of 1.02-1.10". But with the 14192 fittings, they have an extra spacer (in the Piper drawing, PN#10541) welded inside the mating surface to strengthen the strut attach hole, which narrows up the gap by roughly 0.15". Did you space out the strut attach fittings further to account for this or make the end of the strut narrower?

Attachment 18551http://www.supercubproject.com/drawi...s/A3290625.pdf
Another question, in setting the washout in the wing before installing leading edge skins, did you put in the twist that a PA-18 wing has at the PA-18 station ( the OB rib of the aileron bay)?