ShortWingPipers.Org is a FAMILY FRIENDLY website, please bear that in mind when you post.

  • Please always respect other’s comments and opinions
  • Disagreement and discourse are important - exercise them in a polite and thoughtful way
  • Don't beat up the new people! Help them get accustomed to this place. It can be intimidating at first!
  • Help make it a safe place to ask "dumb" questions by educating people, not belittling them.
  • Avoid unnecessary inflammatory comments

Because of it’s devise nature, political discussion of any kind is not allowed.
Examples of things considered political in nature are as follows:

  • Highly sensitive political topics (gun control, abortion, etc)
  • Political jokes or cartoons
  • Posting about or naming parties, candidates, or political issues
  • Ideology - libertarian, conservative, progressive, liberal, etc.
  • Judicial rulings

If you have to ask yourself if your post is political in nature, it probably is

Note: comments like “Congress voted today to allow pilots to fly without a medical” is not a violation of this policy, however, “Those morons in Washington once again failed to pass PBR2” would be.

Further, political statements and proclamations, not matter how vague, are not allowed in a member's signature lines. If you currently have such a signature line, please change it to something non-political or it will be removed

Hate speech, Name Calling, Racial Slurs, and Personal Attacks will not be tolerated and could lead to permanently being banned from the site.

Discussion of religion and religious topics should also be avoided with exception of expressions of sympathy such as, “we are praying for you”.

Site moderators reserve the right to delete any post that they feel goes against the spirit of the policy above without notice. Repeatedly ignoring this policy may lead to being temporary or permanently banned from the site.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping ShortWingPipers.Org a great place for everyone.