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Thread: WTB Wing Rotator

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    Default WTB Wing Rotator

    A couple HF engine stands with a piece of box tube extension. Make one set of attachments for the fuselage, and another for the wings. Attach root and tip on the wing.

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    Default Re: WTB Wing Rotator

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Pierce View Post
    I built my own but Wag Aero makes a nice one. https://www.wagaero.com/deluxe-wing-rotator-kit.html
    Do you recall what the diameter of the ring is, and is it made of round or square section? It looks to be about a 1" section.

    I've got to cover a WW1 Albatros wing for our son. It is 30' long and fairly 'floppy'. When the fabric goes on, there's not many places to get a hand hold, so it's going to be a pain to handle if it's not in a rotatable frame.

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    Default Re: WTB Wing Rotator

    Quote Originally Posted by p5744d View Post
    Steve, I made the brackets like yours. how do I attach them to the brackets the bolt goes through? It just doesn't seem very strong
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    That is how Piper did it.



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