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Thread: Rating Ride in a Tri Pacer?

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    Default Re: Rating Ride in a Tri Pacer?

    I think slow flight is between 1500-1800 RPM. I will be home this weekend and try it. The airplane will fly well below published stall speeds on the airspeed indicator due to system errors at high angle of attack but I think picking a speed slightly above stall is more in line with the current ACS.

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    Default Re: Rating Ride in a Tri Pacer?

    Took my private in a Tripacer, prepared my son for his in our Tripacer. We didn't worry much about specific speeds. I think we were around 100 for steep turns, but the airspeed indicators on these airplanes are all over the place, so honestly even just between the four of them I have flown, you couldn't use one set of numbers and have them translate well at all. Just make sure they are able to complete the maneuvers to standards at speeds that feel appropriate. Whatever that speed is in that airplane, it should work for the exam.

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