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Thread: PA-22 Height on Amphibs

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    Default PA-22 Height on Amphibs

    Hey All,

    New member here. Looking at some options for planes and want to eventually get on amphibs to get to the lake from our house. We just bought a home in a residential airpark (1MN and our hangar has 10 ft ceilings. I know some experimentals can squeeze in just below this height. I really like what a 20-22 has to offer and curious if anyone knows what a Pacer on amphibs would measure at the tail tip? Will I eventually need to raise the hangar up a couple feet or re work the door and last few trusses to fit a tail if I want to go on Amphibs?

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    Default Re: PA-22 Height on Amphibs

    Welcolm to the SWP.

    im thinking it would be best to start digging. Start digging a really big hole but not to get your dream bird into your little hanger. This hole is where you will be placing all your disposable income just before adding five gallons of blue gas. Ok, I couldn't help myslf

    Im sure it's been done but after almost two thousand hours of float time in my pa-22 with 150hp on Edo 2000, 82 inch prop, on the best of days she is a great 2 person aircraft. On the worst bairly a one person bird.

    I just see see it being unsafe with all the added weight and flotation detriments of the aphibs.

    Of cours everyone said the same when I was floating my bird years ago.

    And dont even think 180hp cause on floats she is already nose heavy.

    there are a couple tricks to getting a tall amphib bird into a short hanger like pulling the tail down to get under the door but it's not for the lame and one day the stupid wil happen. Good enough for storage or maintenance but not really for daily in and out.

    Let us us know what you find out.


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    Default Re: PA-22 Height on Amphibs

    Give this Guy a call

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