1962 Piper Colt PA-22-108

I hate to post this but it's about time. My other plane is about ready to move to the Hangar and I need to sell my Colt for space.

Covering is all pretty good. There are some cosmetics that could be done if someone cares to.

Runs like a top and fly's straight.

Give me call for more info.



Notable newish items on the airplane:

Sealed Wing Struts with heavy duty 5/8” diameter forks.
New Air Box
Ignition Harness
Horizontal Stab. and Elevators recovered.
Brakes relined.
Battery, new November, 2018
Nose Tire New 2011
New main tires 2017.
Propeller Overhaul/Inspection
Top Overhaul – Cylinders and New Pistons
Steel Pushrods
Magnetos Overhauled to zero time condition
Carburetor Overhauled
New Gascolator (Steves STC)
Rebuilt Landing Gear: Stripped, inspected, recovered fabric and new Shock Cords installed.
King Comm. Radio Installed (Used) works great. PTT both sides.
Fresh Annual in August, 2018
New seals in nose strut 2016.

Has auto fuel STC for burning auto fuel.


Ph. 503-394-4491

Scio, Oregon