Mike seems to be one of the most talented designer/machinists out there. Made me nauseous to see that----
Glad the only injury was a broken fingernail. I guess horsepower cant overcome every problem- But I guess the
reason no one was hurt was because he wasn't going very fast. But I guess that was also why he didn't have enough
control surface authority to maintain desired direction..... and Lord only knows how strong that gust was..... here in Fl.
we get those down-wash gusts on the leading edges of big thunderstorms sometimes over 100 mph-- known to break
tie down ropes. Once we lost 4 or 5 light aircraft here like that. The way that sky looked-- I would have expected hail !

I loved his plane----- but I BET he can build one that flies even better ---- I got the impression that that airframe was
kind of holding him back in performance. Maybe scrappy will show us something great !
I hope he recovers OK psychologically about the loss- and doesn't loose the spirit and drive to create great planes !