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Be cautious!

I've done most of my stupid float flying tricks on my first flight or first few days. Seems I smack a couple in trying to land like I'm on wheels.

Need to to carry a tech more power and smoooothly get her on the water.

beware the down wind landing, our short coupled birds are unforgiving on floats and the few times I've done it I felt luck had more to do with preventing a water loop then my fast rudder footwork. Always jagged to the left abruptly and full right rudder to the firewall is essential then off it just as quick as she jagges the other way.

super jelouse of you though. I'm laying here with a crushed foot grooving on pain meds that ain't really getting it today...

thanks rocket
first trip out was super glassy and everything went 9.5/10
had a couple small skips later in the day but no big deal
Thats a drag about ur foot👎 Hope itís better soon.
What about ur engine? Is it still in sick bay too?