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Thread: Dented Ailerons

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    Default Re: Dented Ailerons

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Hi again,

    Once again, I possibly jumped in with some worthless info. After re-reading the post, I now see the aileron is covered, I didn't notice that initially. Maybe just glueing on a glue stick to lift a little while tapping will help, maybe not. Cheap to find out but perhaps won't be of much help after all.
    Not worthless, I learned a new technique.
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    Default Re: Dented Ailerons

    What Steve said...use a slapper. Practice on something similar first... the slapper doesnít have mass behind the strike like a ham-damner. Easy taps...and hold the slapper like itís a dum stick...that way you canít put allot of force into the metal....sneak up on it. If a low spot exists after removing the high area.....glue a dollar patch of appropriate size...shrink just enough to hide the remaining dent....
    When I stripped my wings...the leading edges on both ailerons and flaps had multiple dents...couldnít tell they were there until pulling the fabric. I also found illegal rib repairs too...so... my half arseness side is saying....dollar patch good.. illegal repair...no goot!

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