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Thread: 4 hour nite-light

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    I believe Dynon is made in china, if you want something made here in the USA look at this http://grtavionics.com/home/efis-sys...aviation-efis/

    Its a gps navigation database so not only us it a portable EFIS but also capable of getting you down from the goo in an emergency, gives you ILS type synthetic approaches to all us fields in its database which includes all public airports including grass strips, just select it and synthetic approach to the runway. I have practiced them at a couple different grass strips, just fly the flight director on that 4.3 inch screen, or it can display rectangular boxes you fly through all the way to the runway. It is a few hundred more than D2 or 3 or 4 but much more capable

    I would bet the guys at GRT stand behind their stuff and would never say they dont provide support.
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    I like the GRT products too and really like that they are made in the USA. I've looked at the mini GA and like it. Dynon is made in China. Note: Dynon did not say they wouldn't stand behind their product. They said they don't provide service for the D2. Instead, they provided me an RMA number and for $300 they would send me a new D3. Since D3 has synthetic vision, touch screen and many other updates I thought that was a pretty good deal. My D2 did come back to life after I took it out of the freezer and plugged it back in to charge up, but since the technology is evolving fast I elected to trade it in for the D3 which should arrive this week. I've also decided to go with the Univair STC'd 6-pack panel and put my old vacuum driven AI back in the prime spot in front of me for now, and subordinate the D3 to a true backup position either to the far left or to a near hole on the right side.

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