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Thread: ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool (ADAPT)

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    Default Re: ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool (ADAPT)

    I live in under Class D airspace as well. They have radar and call me out to traffic as a Cub even though I my be speeding by at 125mph.
    I do not talk them when flying my Vag. We have an agreement that as long as we are east of the Class D airport and below 500’ AGL we are free to come and go at will.

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    Default Re: ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool (ADAPT)

    Well was no different than any other time flying into that class C prior to adsb, funny thing is when I asked ground if there was any info I needed to give them regarding the adsb deviation from my ADAPT authorization, they had no idea what I was talking about.

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    Default Re: ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool (ADAPT)

    Kansas City was turning away non-working ADS-B aircraft last week.

    I listen to our Comm frequency at work all day. Yesterday it had been quiet and then a random call "aircraft 5 miles North of Graham are you on frequency?" and after the aircraft, a Kingair, aknowledged the other aircraft announced he was on a 6 mile final. I hope these people are not relying on ADS-B for traffic because I have no intention of installing it and make appropriate radio calls when approaching and in the traffic pattern.

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    Default Re: ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool (ADAPT)

    ADSB / Ferry permit

    Jan 10 at 10:49 AMPrintRaw message
    Baumgard, E Tony (FAA) <e.tony.baumgard@faa.gov>
    To: Baumgard, E Tony (FAA) <e.tony.baumgard@faa.gov>

    For your reading pleasure:

    A ferry permit is not appropriate for an ADSB issue:

    I am told this system works well by an applicant who used it.

    Ive received a few questions on the subject line and wanted to provide you with guidance on proper handling. Please pass this info to others in your office I may have missed.

    A ferry permit should not be used for the sole purpose of approving/authorizing the movement of an aircraft in 91.225 airspace without required equipment. Only ATC can authorize such operations per 91.225(g). ATO has deployed an automated web-based authorization process (screen shot below) for this purpose which can be found here: https://sapt.faa.gov/adapt-start.php/. Please direct those seeking authorization to operate non-ADS-B Out equipped aircraft into 91.225 airspace to this site and advise them to contact ATC via email adapthelp@faa.gov for any related questions.


    Tony Baumgard
    8700 Freeport Parkway, Suite 225
    Irving, TX 75063

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