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Thread: Shipping an airplane in a shipping container.

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    Default Re: Shipping an airplane in a shipping container.

    Quote Originally Posted by JPerkins View Post
    That is the markings it has. Sorry I'm not as up on my history as I should.
    Yes a Menasco Pirate engine. Has a great sound on the ground and in the air. It's on it's way to Duxford Airfield. If I'm lucky I'll get to reassemble it when it gets there.

    If you are up on your history, another aircraft I've been a part of is this 1936 Lockheed 12A. This was Sidney Cotton's plane during WWII.Attachment 17336

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    That's an historic aircraft. The last plane out of Berlin at the beginning of WWII, I believe. In the late thirties, Cotton rigged it with a secret camera in the wing and used it to take aerial photos of the German military build up when he was making business trips between Britain and Germany (he invented an early form of colour photography, and the heated Sidcot suit earlier on). On one of his business/photographic trips, he had a high ranking German officer along for a joy ride--a 'gutsy play'!!
    He approached British Intelligence and told them of the buildup he'd seen. They wanted to know more, but didn't know how to safely get aerial photos, to which his answer was something like 'you mean something like these' and handed bundles over.
    Thanks for the photo. I didn't know his 12A still existed.
    I'd be curious to know if there is any evidence of the camera and sliding door still in existence. I can't recall which wing, but most likely it would be the right.
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    Default Re: Shipping an airplane in a shipping container.

    Jason, We shipped a PA22 (and a Glastar in the same container) from the States to the NZ in 2014. Have a few pictures in https://www.shortwingpipers.org/foru...ontainer-to-NZ

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    Default Re: Shipping an airplane in a shipping container.

    Got a Carbon Cub FX3 wing, elevator and landing gear yesterday. Nice crate made from engineered 2X2 and 2X3.

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    Default Re: Shipping an airplane in a shipping container.

    Ensuring it gets to England safely is key. You might want to consider expert transport services like https://www.a1autotransport.com/ship...cross-country/. While they specialize in shipping cars, they could offer insights or connections to help with your unique shipment.

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