Hi all. Im new to this forum. I own a V6 stol. It is in bad shape. Needs to be re-covered. It has a rebuilt ford v6 engine mostly installed. I had to rebuild the the original engine because of scored engine cylinders. Auto engines are not a good idea for airplanes. So I bought a continental io-360-c engine with no books with the intent of replacing the V6. I also purchased a mcalley two blade constant speed prop. A hurricane, a superstorm, job loss, two moves and age have compelled me to sell the latter items. I am going to sell these items piece by piece. I thought I might try to sell all the items to one person. I have the engine mount to the continental so the firewall forward would only need connections and cowling. Every major item is there. I think it would be a real sweet plane. It is after all a modified piper PA22. So you would be getting a proven airframe with a proven engine. Registration number is N6359N. Its already registered so any past rule changes won't need to be negotiated. Ill sell the whole lot for 10K OBO. I have pictures. Ill take any pictures you ask for. Or Ill sell any item separately. S76captain@gmail.com