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Thread: N7323k

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    What blew my mind was reading he took off at night or right before sunset.. The line person closed the fbo at 1800 and left but before leaving he and others tried to convince him to stay on the ground. But he launched at 1815 and disregarded the local pilots advice.

    I have learned when trying to GET HOME in crud weather in a vfr plane, best advice is park the plane and go have a nice dinner and 12 hours later the weather will have changed to beautiful sunny day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J Ryd View Post
    I was looking at this again and realized that it was just 2 minutes from flying along happily to the end. I've never experienced spacial disorientation and it blows my mind how quick it can swallow you? If one does have an attitude indicator, is it simply a matter of paying attention to it to keep yourself safe?

    If you donít have any formal instrument training, and you get spacial disorientation you will swear to whatever god you worship that the attitude indicator is lying to you. Ignoring your senses and trusting your instruments takes time, and training, which builds trust in the equipment.

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    I got stuck on top many years ago in my Clipper with no outs and only a turn coordinator. I knew I had 2 thousand feet under the cloud deck. I trimmed for a slight nose down decent, once in the clouds the airplane started getting bucked around and I was constantly inputting controls trying to keep things uner control. At one point I saw the airspeed bled off to almost nothing and I pushed the nose over. I made a deal with God and started seeing a dark green merky area to te right and then I broke out right wing and nose low. Lande at a nerby airport to get my composer. To say I pay way more attention now would be an understatement.

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    Default Re: N7323k - Final NTSB Report

    The final NTSB report was published earlier this month:

    Public docket:
    Tom P.
    Wagabond @ 08A

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