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Thread: Is it my plane, or is it me?

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    Default Re: Is it my plane, or is it me?

    You can't take all that cash with you when you expire Walt, so you might as well get some enjoyment out of it now.
    It's a real shame that it went this long before being discovered though, you really have to wonder what the other guy was thinking when he somehow got in a situation bad enough to bend the crank, and then continue to fly it....wow!
    Forrest Miller

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    Default Re: Is it my plane, or is it me?

    Good advice. Looking at photos Aerotec sent, my A&P suggested this was likely damaged back before ANY prop strike mandated a tear-down, and I tend to agree. And yes, glad I wasn't in the air when things went south.... though the engine always seemed to work quite well (save for the %$#% vibration). Also glad my A&P invested in a dynamic balancer since he last did an annual on 57A in 2013! The other stuff is just from too much lack of attention (and short-cutting). Too bad to treat any machine that way, IMHO.

    This poor bird has had a tough life, for sure, but I will not give up on her. Hey-- I still have my "get a PPL" on my bucket list! Didn't really expect to get this far into an A&P education, but since I'm a tinkerer anyway, it's been aggravating, yes, but also quite enjoyable over the past few years. I've learned a TON from you folks on the way.

    I'm just very fortunate that I happen to be --through many years of frugality and careful planning-- to be in the financial position that I enjoy now. Now all I have to do is talk with some banking people and get their take -- it may be wiser to use a HELOC @ -3.5% for this and leave the TDAs (currently around +10%) where they are....

    In better days (hopefully coming back!):

    DSC04418.JPG DSC04429.JPG DSC04416.JPG

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