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Thread: Dynamic Prop Balance

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    Quote Originally Posted by sierrasplitter View Post
    I am the opposite. Based on my daily work I learned a long time ago to mark or make note of where screws go in anything i take apart. And with the guy only being an hour away and 160 bucks for the service if I had to I would do it every time the spinner was removed. Its worth getting the vibrations out so It doesn't carry trough to the rest of the engine/airframe
    That works on your airplane. When working someone elseís I have no way to know if the last person was paying attention and no way to know the next in line will do it. Given some of what I have encountered, it isnít the norm so I try to make it as fool proof as possible. Too many random screw lengths in random locations where stock would have been all the same. I have marked and removed spinners just to find out it was marked on the inside and 180 degrees out from those marks or the whole thing was 180 out from the prop. Now the question becomes do I put back the way I found it or the way it was previously marked?
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