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I was able to have the manufacturer set any time I wanted. I chose since major OH. I should have set it at total time on the airframe. But.....all is approximate.
Total or overhaul time isn’t what concerned me. Less convenient than having a tach that reads total time but simple math takes care of that. I used to work for a man who wanted overhaul time on his tachs. It’s the way the time is counted I don’t like. I set the digital tach to start counting time at 1100 rpm to approximate tach time. I don’t use the flight time function built into it because I use a portable GPS in that airplane. I may have to look into using the digital tach for flight time since Garmin doesn’t service the Aera 510 anymore and mine is acting up a little.

Anyway, I don’t miss the needle and would not replace a digital tach with an analog tach.