Hi Guys,
I found a strange issue in my wiring. While troubleshooting this issue:
The Pos+ wire going to the OVR was connected to the output (bottom screw) of my Nav lights CB. (!?) Along with the navlights wire.

It has a piece of tape on the wire which reads "Connect to bottom screw, #9 Circuit Breaker". This is the Alternator CB, and the bottom is actually the alternator side of that CB.

Here's what I don't see. A 5A CB anywhere in sight. Ok, actually there is one that says "Fuel" and another that says "XPON", but the rest are not 5A.

This STC was installed in 1991 by an A&P in the pnw.

So maybe this thing is finally needing a replacement? Unfortunately I can't find a datasheet for the InterAV OVR (635-62448 ), so I don't know how much current that line draws. I also wonder if it could be the voltage regulator. Besides that weird issue (and the lack of a 5A CB available) the system seems to be installed correctly as the wiring diagram shown here.

So looks like my A&P and I have some work to do. Very frustrating. But maybe we're getting to the root of the issue.