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Thread: Aileron pulley boxes on floor

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    Default Re: Aileron pulley boxes on floor

    "That Template drawing should be put in the technical section for the future." Wow-- flattery will get you everywhere, thanks for the compliment!

    I'm quite sure I saved that pattern; if I can find it I'll take a better photo of it. Those mechanical drawing classes I took in shop class in jr high school (early 60s) paid off many times in my life -- this is just one example. Always enjoyed making those drawings, but the one above was a pretty crude rendition....

    When 57A got its new floor back around 2005, the "refurbishers" neglected to put those covers (not to mention the $#@ data tag, GRRRR!) back in so I had nothing there. I think at some point I must have seen pics of the OEM covers and tried to copy that design... or maybe some poor soul flew into 2B3 with a T-P and I crawled in & took some measurements. Either way, my home-made ones were supposed to be close to OEM covers.

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    Default Re: Aileron pulley boxes on floor

    They look FINE!
    very much like my original 56 covers
    Well done!

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