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Thread: Should I keep or eliminate the strobe mount on my tail?

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    Default Re: Should I keep or eliminate the strobe mount on my tail?

    We went the opposite direction and installed a new 12 volt grimes coffee grinder beacon on the rudder when I rebuilt it this last year. Inspected the rudder structure for prior damage or cracks prior to recovering. I feel the odds of a rudder failure in our kind of operation is not even worth considering. The Admiral feels that the Grimes beacon is a “required” piece of equipment on the TriPacer, so on it goes. We also installed the ADS-B out nav light/strobe in the left wingtip and have the new ADS-B in nav light/strobe on order for the right wing. I am not really interested in the ADS-B in, I really wanted the matching strobe and LED nav light and the introductory price was the best bang for the buck. A red LED strobe is mounted in the hell hole cover. Strobe lights are on separate switch’s from the rotating beacon and nav lights so we are not the idiots blinding everyone on the ground with our strobes.. It is pretty amazing how far the Grimes beacon can be seen during the daylight hours with the proper LED wattage bulb installed. There was hardly an aircraft flying in the 50’s or 60’s that did not use that beacon. I think that it is rather retro myself. We have the ADS-B out set up as only showing the aircraft ID when assigned an ATC discrete code. There is a lot of chatter in the FAA upper echelons as to their being able to track an aircraft’s usage for navigational fees via ADS-B out data. They really do not need ADS-B out for ATC purposes so maybe there is some validity in that line of reasoning.
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