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Thread: Tig Brazing

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    Excellent advice everyone, thanks for chiming in. I had my Tig Guru out yesterday welding up my front gear brackets….I wanted them put on right. Anyways we spent some time going over tacking up the infamous 3/8 Piper u channels. Pretty similar to what was also mentioned here. Now to practice a bit more and getting the feel dialed in

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    The other thing I forgot to say, when TIG welding or brazing, cleanliness is next to Godliness! Before welding clean everything in the heat zone thoroughly, remove all mill scale both inside and outside of tubing. Once mechanically cleaned, then clean again with Acetone. Keep all your tools for cleaning steel separate from those used to weld Aluminum and keep those for steel and aluminum away from what is used on Stainless. Don't cross contaminate! Don't tack something and think you can clean it later, clean just before you start to weld (especially with AL or stainless). If you think you can tack it and let someone better finish weld you just made his job about 50% to 100% harder, it would be better to let him do all of it. You are better off using a larger cup with longer stick out than trying to get into tight places with a smaller cup. I use a Furic Jazzy 10 gas lens (DC only) for most of my stuff. For real hard to get places, figure out how to back purge.

    If you are O/A welding the cleanliness is not as important but you will see a significant difference in the quality of the weld if it is properly cleaned. Just like painting, the prep work is about 50% to 80% of the final product.

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