Antenna question


Antenna question.

I have two whisker comm antennas on the bottom of my pacer between the gear legs. I also have VOR whiskers on the tail.

I have a new radio installed. The previous radios were bad for many reasons.

The new radio is crystal clear when airborne (above 1000’ or so). It’s poor on the ground. Robotic voice, disjointed reception

I’m pretty sure it’s because of the bottom mounted antennas.

How hard would it be to put an antenna up top where none exists on old fabric.

Would it be possible to pull off the VOR antennas and use that coax for whisker type comm antenna (s)

Thx. Tim

An antenna up top is fairly easy, most are mounted on a wing fairing tin. The wire can route up on either side inside the windshield post along with the control cable. Once you've run it that far poke a small hole and fish it out through the fuselage root fabric and up through an aluminum doubler plate on the fairing where the antenna is installed. The doubler will also mount under the tank cover on one edge along with the fairing. Not knowing what you're dealing with, your options may be different.
I use the wing root fairings for com antennas. You can reuse the old RG58, many of the modern avionics call for the use on the RG400.