brake handle / lever decal


Good day all.

I saw a photo of a trip pacer with a large red decal that had, "BRAKE" printed in black. It was wrapped around the brake level / handle.

Anyone know where I can purchase one?


My IA had us print them on a Brother P-Touch handheld label printer.
We also printed similar labels for the FLAPS handle.
Very handy for adding reminders to panel like ELT Battery Exp date, etc.
My wife has several of those printers, and I have one at work. Ask your local helper if they have one and can print labels for you.

I have a graphics company make my labels. They are individually cut to size, shape, color and put on a peel-able backing. Place them in position, rub over them with something like a credit cards edge and then remove the backing. Makes a very durable label with no clear or white surround. Looks like the original silk screen product. It does cost quite a bit more than the reliable label maker.