Bungee Boot

14087-000 is the boot that goes over the oleo strut bearing on the nose gear.

Looks like these parts are serial number specific and associated with achange in the seta cushions. I found this reference in the drawings. Also look at figure 26 in the parts catalog.



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I'm working on this problem now ('53 TP). I have noticed that around the flap handle mechanism there are 3, looks like, factory drilled holes. Was there a cover for that as well?
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Based on pictures and information on earlier threads, I made my own.
I had already bought the control column boot from Univair and made a split rectangular frame to fix it to the floor. I stapled the leatherette to the frame and slipped it under the opening in my floor covering (rubber). I did not need to screw it down; between the .25 aluminum frame and the rubber, it is staying down alright.
Now, for the bungee boot, I bought thick black leatherette, made a construction paper pattern (oversized), sewed it up and brought it to the airport for fitting and install. I used snaps instead of velcro to fasten around the seat/bridge tubes and one at the front to bring ends together. Turned out good and looking good too.
Next headache is weatherstripping...
Hope this helps


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Does your boot interfere with the "latched detent" on your flap handle? I'm a little surprised to see your "hook" on the outside of the boot.

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Does your boot interfere with the "latched detent" on your flap handle? I'm a little surprised to see your "hook" on the outside of the boot.

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Nope, it does not get in the way.
I made certain that the cover "hugged" the flap handle back "hinge" point so the "hook" part is up and above. I cycled it many times before installing the seats and after installing them, before trying it in the air.
Works good with no interference.
I had to do a lot of trimming to fit the back part of the boot cover to go around stuff like the battery box, rear heat duct, battery wires, etc.
Here are a few more shots/details I found.


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Took the kids out for a "free" lunch a couple of weeks ago and about turned my daughters in the back seat into popcicles. (Mom was NOT impressed.) I had mentioned on this thread that my boot wasn't there, and it showed! So I called Rick at Univair and made sure I ordered what we believe are the right parts. 12729-026 and -028. We shall see. Updates to follow.
something missing?

Getting broken in by my 1962 Colt with a O-290D. I am wondering if there is a covering of some type to seal around the bungies where they enter the cabin. Looks like a place where exhaust may enter. Doesn't seem like I should be able to see the ground beneath me. After 60 years parts get misplaced and sometimes disappear. Any help is appreciated as long as it is accurate and cheap.
Thanks Y'all
Re: something missing?

Should be boot or cover. Usually seeing the ground is not good. Check parts manual.
Re: something missing?

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! In addition to discovering several other absent parts as I was installing my OH'd engine, I found I was also missing those bungee covers:

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 4.49.21 AM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 4.49.47 AM.png

For Univair parts they're surprisingly inexpensive, but some folks have simply made their own --
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Just ordered the bungee boots. Number for the front is 12729-026 and Univair is currently out of stock for the rear boots as/per what the sales rep at Univair told me.
Re: something missing?

Walt, have you ever posted a pics of how you installed those, curious
Andy, those covers got dropped way down on the priority list while my A&P and I fiddled with the steering arms, so I never did order them. They've been relegated to my "to do in the future" list at the moment.

Work on 57A has all but ground to a halt because that uninsulated metal hangar is such a bear to even be in, let alone work in, when it's cold -- and I've found that, at the tender age of 73 (and just like when I was a kid), I really can't take the cold! Not bad at the moment, but we've had a number of well-below-zero days here this winter, and are headed back that way later today.... :(
I see that I started this thread quite a while ago.....and we still have not installed these bungee covers. I futzed with it for a long time but never figured it out and walked away.
I've got my seats out now for another project. I'll post some pics of the installed boot tomorrow from a couple angles. It's simple enough that I know your going to slap your head when you see it.

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Ok. Remember, It only covers the hydrosorbs and the bungees. Not any frame. Contrary to what some have done, I put the cutout one the rearward side. The reason is that it seems to fit there, and it's much too large to go on the front flap side and be able reduce any drafts. Then I put the uncut side towards the front. Then I put a a single slice up the front to clear the flap handle. The front and back snap together on both sides creating a little tent. The strings get cinched closed at the top.
I'm convinced it was designed by the same Knucklehead that designed the sliding seats.

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OK, thanks!!! Those pics are great. Just re-read the whole thread, after receiving those two covers from Univair. Guess I know what I'll be doing when the hangar gets warm enough to work in. Looks like it'll be a lot easier if the seats are removed, yes?

I'll post some pics of my own when I'm done (don't hold your breath) so others can see how mine turned out.

Pro tip:
Thread a large, long tywrap thru each upper sleeve where the string would go, arranged head to tail.
Then after you have the bottoms screwed to the floor and the snaps coupled, mate the tywraps together, just tight enough - but not too tight, so you can maybe shift the heads into the sleeves!
It's possibly easier than trying to tie those strings in that tight space in the cluster.

Well, Glen, you were absolutely right -- it was MUCH easier using nylon ty-wraps! Highly recommend that to anyone who attempts to install those bungee boots. I actually connected --loosely-- the ends on the left side (and fastened those two snaps) before I tucked it back into position behind the bungees and in front of the battery box.

Mine seemed to fit the way they were supposed to, but the rear section really didn't have a lot of "overlap" onto the floor -- so there are no screws there. Yet. Maybe never. I'll see how that works out. On the front side, no problem -- there was about 1.5" of overlap to lay flat on the floor, and I was easily able to get a couple screws in there on both the left and the right.

And yes, those two Univair pieces were fine, with the large cut-out to fit over that aluminum channel that covers... something... in the back, and I hadn't noticed it before, but there was a slot cut into the front piece to clear the flap handle's locking part.

So here's what it looks like now (I did trim off those ty-wraps):

DSC01548.JPG DSC01552.JPG DSC01553.JPG DSC01557.JPG
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