We picked this up several months back.. an extensive annual was completed at reassembly then I started my tw endorsement. It simply flys like an angel. Two weeks back the battery went dead. The jpi we bought @ av and the trig radio showed up about the same time, so it's down for the battery and panel mods.... with the earth x, the starter and the new sensenich carbon ground adjustable we should be loosing some pretty decent el bees.


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That's me on the left. If you zoom you can see how ugly the panel was on the right before the mod. I finished it yesterday.. didn't want to build a replacement blank yet because we'll likely loose the g meter and transponder in a couple months. The iPad mount is a guardian unit and seems to work very nicely (thanks Mark).
Did you guys know if you use the beacon x, that the av 20 and 30 both can control the transponder in the tail unit? You can throw the old mode c in the bin... awesome! Between that and the jpi I can ditch several steam guages.... looking forward to that! I have the century adsb/c-mo detector so I'd have in and out.
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Some pics of the move


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Had a CAP 10C at my disposal for quite a while probably 18 years ago. The C is a B with a carbon fiber spar. I was able to get the C added to the Type Certificate through some of my FAA contacts. It is on my list of best flying airplanes. Really a sweet flier.

My daughter and I flew the CAP 10C to Oshkosh that year. At 10.5K we got an oil streak down the center of the windshield. Pressure was good but then I started smelling burning wood. Not a good feeling over Iowa in a wood airplane. We circle down and landed at Davenport, got out and didn't really see anything until I put one hand on the prop and the other on the spinner. They moved independently. The wood prop had shrunk and gotten loose on the crank flange. (Gotta retorque wood props, coated or not) The CAP factory had a prop shipped from a school on the east coast that trains in the airplanes. Cathy was driving up with our other two kids and diverted to pick us up. Got a ride back to Davenport in a Lancair, installed the prop and headed for Oshkosh. Oshkosh was real busy and had to circle the lake quite a few times and when they opened it up instead of following the shoreline like instructed most everyone flew straight across the lake converging on the same spot. They brought me in on 18, controller called me an Emeraude which told me he knew his airplane since the CAP 10 evolved from the Emeraude. He told the airplane ahead of me to land 18L and told me to follow the plane ahead of me. the plane ahead of me lined up on 18R, now what do I do? They told me to follow the plane ahead of me. I did and it worked out.
Thinking about that osh gaggle flying nuts me up a bit.. somewhere along the line someone got an stc to put a metal prop on this one. We have an experimental sensenich carbon adjustable were going to exchange for the one they're in certification process now on the 172's. Looking to get a field approval for it. It should be a hellova combination as well as a nice chunk of weight off or the nose. That burning prop situation would have me loading the drawers! ;)
Agree with you about the sweet natured characteristics of this airframe. I can't imagine another plane flying as nice as this one.
Was the cap you flew Lloyd's?
It belonged to Apex who manufactures the Robin and Cap airplanes. Here are some pictures of the Hoffman Propeller.

Yup.... pretty spooky stuff. Does apex have a facility in TX? I can't figure out who has the type cert for the cap since it seems to change hands so frequently.
No, I have a good friend, David Martin who owns a CAP 232 and was on the US Aerobatic Team at the time. We dealt with Apex in France but he had the contact.
CAP 232.jpg
dressed up as a tw pilot yesterday.....
As of today 10 hours...towards my tw endorsement....the cfi said "ok your not going to wreck the airplane, now focus on being smoother".... had me a good chuckle on that one.
Should be endorsed hopefully before Thanksgiving. The guardian mount with integrated fan and power supply, jpi and trig radio are all working flawlessly.


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Been working towards my endorsement in 39s. We finally got a good day to do crosswind work. Anyway I'd spent hours reading and watching cw info... man did I overthink it. About 3 landings before lessons end, it occurred to me, just fly the airplane, don't overthink it. It all came together, turns out the bird is just a sweetheart in crosswind. We started with 7mph and finished with about 12 gusts to 16... Thinking back it didn't fly any different at 12 than it did at 7... awesome AC.
Situations presented by airplanes like this are bitter sweet. Sweet because it was built with care and attention to detail and it was available for the drive to get it... but bitter because someone with a lot of skills abilities and knowledge is no longer with us. These planes are extremely scarce and rarely seen in the wild so it's an ideal candidate for completion.
I'll need to finish the interior, wire it paint it and get a power plant for it. I have a basket case o320 for it, so that's the first order of buisnes.... it'll take a few minutes for me to scrounge the cash to build it, so until I have the case and a good crank this girl is going on a pallet rack.