Fly longer and faster. Do I need another plane?


Merritt Island, FL
I normally don't get too tired of sitting there looking at the beautiful scenery when I'm headed to my next adventure. But let's say it's a thousand or maybe Three thousand miles away. I can get stiff and cramped and sore after a couple days. I can easily do about 800 mile days on average in my PA22-150. It works out to about 7 or a little more hours sitting in the seat driving the plane. A small part of that time is on the ground taxiing, etc. I've done 1200 miles a couple times with no tail wind. More than that in a day, and I get sore. It would be nice to be able to go 1500 or more miles routinely, and in a third less time.

Am I just figuring out the kind of mission I want to fly and wishing for a faster plane? I can do the 700 to 1200 mile days for 3 days or so, then I get tired. I think just sitting and using your brain and dwell time at altitude with reduced O2 levels wears you out. The couple times I've gone 1200 miles took about 10 hours if I remember, and I was exhausted afterward.

How do you all manage your old age effects? How about er,...bladder capacity? Stop drinking water? I seem to need more water the longer I fly. I like to cruise at 7 to 9K because I can overfly most Class B without the BS.

I need to hear from people that have reserve gas tanks (Juergen) on this because they routinely do, what I consider to be, extended flight time intervals.

How do you pee in a bottle in flight in a Tri-Pacer? Sorry if that's a rude question. My plane is far too sensitive to external input to let go of it for very long without hands on it.

What's all of your opinions on favorite planes for longer flight missions, probably with more payload than I can carry now. Serious comments only - This Community Only Question. By that I mean Shortwing Owners. So, you know, I'm thinking C-182. My budget is $Limited

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I land as often as possible and generally fly lower rather than higher. But speedy planes can be nice for sure. If you can stomach the expenditure.
If you are going to fly long distance, it is faster, less stressful and less expensive to buy a First class ticket on the airlines than to fly the TriPacer. If you are retired, in no hurry and just want to fly somewhere for fun, go for it. You do not want to dehydrate yourself to extend your “range”. Dehydration makes you tired and the thought process slows down. Gator Aid is great to drink. Lots of good things to keep you alert and when the bottle is empty, it has a large opening to refill it!
If the TriPacer is rigged correctly, including the interconnect system, you can fly it with just your feet. It makes those “pit stops” a piece of cake.
A 182 type aircraft is going to give you about 15-20 knots more airspeed at a much higher cost of operation. Fuel, engine reserve, propeller reserve, insurance and a price tag for an older 182 aircraft that could buy three TriPacer’s. The 182 is a great aircraft though.
Just another opinion.
Had a 180hp baby Comanche. Really liked it to travel. 160mph, 9 gph. 60 gal fuel. It liked to fly 10 to 12 thousand. Just didn't like crawling in and out.