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I am in the process of removing the headliner from my Tri-Pacer. I noticed that the headliner is tucked under and around the rear passenger window. How do I go about removing the headliner from this area without disturbing the outside fabric or removing the window? Or should I just carefully cut it out and leave the remaining part of the headliner there?


Here's a link to a youtube video of what I've done so far with removing the headliner and what I've found...

Perfect Timing . I just decided I’m going to remove mine also





That ugly spot is glue from the headliner . Not corrosion, but yeah that made my heart skip a beat
Nice! I'm sure you will be happy with the results. I think I'm going to go with putting closed cell foam up on the top of mine. I like the look of seeing the bars and the clean look that I've seen on other threads.
Removing the windows is not a big deal. You should take them out to make sure you can remove all of the old headliner and properly install the new one. Also prevents the windows from getting damaged or glue dripped on.

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Cool. I've been there. Looks pretty good if you ask me. Besides the obvious speaker replacement, I went with a nice wool Airtex headliner and could not be happier with the way it came out. It's one of the nicer features of my plane now. I thought about a skylight, but actually don't like the hot sun above me, so stayed with the original design. I also like the natural human eye signal-to-noise-ratio advantage of looking out from a darker place into the sunlight.
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Wow! I wish mine looked that good. I got most of the fiberglass insulation out and what I'm seeing is NOT good. The wood from the dome light/ speaker panel looks like it has been wet, it's delaminated, and wavy. Also above the insulation on the bottom side of the fabric, looks to me might even have some mold spots. Yikes.
Mine is a Tri-Pacer so I only have a rear window on the right side. I have an airtex panel on the lower part of that window that I really don't want to remove but it looks like that is going to need to come off if I can remove the rear window. Do you concur? I have already removed the vertical outer trim between the window and the front door.
I’m looking for pics and threads on different ideas for dressing up the ceiling . I know I saw pics of some cool black plastic panels or felt .
But yeah , a skylight down here would be a heat maker
How can I clean this up ? Old Glue from
the headliner . I want to clean and paint this main tube but obviously I don’t want to disturb the fabric . Does the fabric attach to this tube ?
Want to rattle can the whole frame with flat black , but don’t want to remove any rust inhibitors
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Maybe a wire brush in a Dremel but put a lot of good masking tape on the inside of the windshield to prevent it from scratching. It almost looks like corrosion, but hopefully it's just glue.

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I removed the bulkhead in the baggage compartment and saw this . The whole area was opened up in 2019 and the lower right longeron was replaced
Doesn’t look like any rust on any tubes
I probably should have put more thought into this before I ripped out all of the fiberglass insulation. Looks like the closed cell foam from aircraft spruce is on "indefinite backorder." I plan on using the airtex headliner so I will call them on Monday to ask about their insulation and sound deadening materials as well.
What ? Damn I’m in the same boat .
I really don’t need the insulation, but wanted all black inside . Painting the tubes won’t be too hard but you can’t paint the backside of the cloth . Humm
I pulled my headliner in the Clipper a couple years ago in anticipation of installing the skylight and also because I felt like Dino in The Flintstones with my head constantly pushing up on the headliner. Mr Piper made that fabric really low...! Still haven't installed the skylight (procrastination is a virtue...??) and occasionally I bash my head on that darn cross-brace tube but better than constantly trying to scrunch under the headliner. Looks terrible tho. Gotta just sac up and cut that top fabric...someday.
Forgive my ignorance. Could I use this stuff I found on Amazon?


What paperwork would be involved and is this something that I could get 'field approval' for?

Cut a sample and have it tested to 23.853 requirements. Scandia Labs is the most common lab for flammability testing. While these airplanes are CAR 3 airplanes they technically don’t have to comply with the Part 23 requirements AC43.13-1b has a good discussion on the requirements for compartment interior materials. No need for a Field Approval, just show it meets flammability standards. Without documentation your IA may tell you remove it or no sign off! This is a safety issue!

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Ok I have looked at some other headliner threads and still looking to find out how do I go about tucking the new headliner into the rear window frame? It looks to me like the old headliner and the exterior fabric were mated together on the outside of the window frame. What am I missing?

On mine, the plexiglass separates the two fabrics in the channel. Mine is old enough to keep me from writing that's common in others too.



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As Jim said. The headliner material is glued and tucked to the inside of the window frame on the cabin side of the frame. The exterior fabric is glued and tucked to the inside of the window frame on the aircraft exterior side of the frame. The plexiglas window can then be slid into place between the two fabrics and captured by the forward window trim. Like a sandwich. The window vent, if required, can then be installed.
My new airtex headliner arrived today. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. When I opened it, the only thing in the package was the headliner and a packing slip. I was expecting at least a page or two of instructions or how-to pages. Now to get to work on installing my new insulation, and then I get to the headliner....

I still haven't been able to get the rear passenger D window out. I did remove the trim piece on the front of the window but I can't get it to budge. I think glue from the airtex panels from several years back may have been liberally spread on that window as well in the lower channel....
Hi again,

....."I still haven't been able to get the rear passenger D window out.".....

If you're not trying to save it for reinstalling, use a hole saw and make a hole through it. insert a wood dowel or something else handy through the hole. You'll now have someething to tap on with a hammer or something to drive it forward. Mine are not the squared off frame shape as shown in the above pictures so I'm just guessing yours will slide out by moving forward as mine do. Perhaps you can grab the front edge of the plexi with a pair of vicegrips and have them to tap on. Put a few layers of tape on the plexi where you'll attempt a grip.
Apply masking tape around the perimeter of the window. Then take a thin blade and scrape between the window and the window frame to get all the glue out. That should be enough to get the window moving.

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