InterAv Alternator Parts and Service Manual

Some documents I located in the bowels of my computer that someone might find useful.

My Tri Pacer had the InterAv STC accomplished in the past and the Rt Front baffle was just destroyed. I had located a new baffle but the two do not seem compatible. I have seen the threads about different patches or trimming that have been done to make them work again. Either here or the Super Cub site someone referenced a drawing they had received from InterAv on how to modify the baffle. Do you know where I could procure a copy of that drawing?
Also, I moved my oil cooler to the Left Rear baffle so with less interference could I use a longer belt to move the alternator away from the baffle?
Absolutely will take the alternator off line. No field current no magnetism, no magnetism no voltage generation.
That circuit breaker powers both the over voltage relay and voltage regulator 12 volt power.
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