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Hi Guys, I am looking for the rubber moulding that goes around the fairings at the top of the gear legs.This is the fairing that you see where it rubs up along the side of the fuselage under the door. Piper # 13150-04
Univair doesn't show it. I am not sure if Aircraft Spruce has it., if so which part # ? It has just a small bead that fits over the edge that shows and then goes down the back side approx 1/2 "
Also , I am looking for a complete door lock assembly for the right side door for a PA 20/22
Thanks Sam
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Univair does claim to have it under part number 13150-004 (note the extra 0). Though for a piece of rubber $42 seems a little steep. I am new to ownership though so this might be how it goes, haha! I too need new ones.
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Aircraft Spruce, Wicks and other supply houses will have rubber material similar in size and shape that will work great an probably less cost than Univair.
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Found it at Aircraft Spruce They call it d rubber moulding . I believe it as around $ .53 per ft/ Thanks Sam
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I was looking for some door parts in the UniVair cataloge and they do list a door look assembly, at $450.00 each!!! Probably better to watch E-Bay for conplete doors, I bought a set for $50.00 last year there.

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What is used on the top of the fairing that goes between the fuselage and gear fairings on a PA22-160?
I is..

My 51 used the same material as the leading edge wing root cuff and lower gear cover.
let me see if I can find the part number.



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I don't have a picture but to be clear it is the top fairing that is a couple of inches wide. It wraps around the leading and trailing edges. My airplane has been modified so much (probably normal) I have no idea whats correct
Thank you Steve,

I stand corrected!:oops:
my pa22 illistrated parts catalog does indeed call out 13150-04 molding on 13150-00 left and 13150-01 right landing gear fairing.

and both my PA-18 & PA-22 IPC clearly state molding # 19657-00 for the wing root fairing.

I do have a template for 13150-00 but never found the piper drawing.
willing to share.
Univair as you linked now lists U13150-004 PIPER GEAR FAIRING MOULDING Price: $14.49

Also see

Is this devjavu all Over again
Can someone post some pics of their fairings, my Pacer did not come with these fairings, got some new ones from Univair with two types of molding and I'm not sure how it goes on, a few pictures would be helpful.;)
Hi all,

Since this is the "moulding thread," anyone have a source for the 19795 moulding for the strut cuffs? Univair has it, but they charge $22 to ship an $18 10-ft strip of the stuff!

U channel


Looking for this rubber anti chafe material

U channel 1/4 inch . Aircraft Spruce has lots of choices. I think it’s 1/8x 5/16
I was thinking it was the 05-01400 illustrated on post 9. the Piper stuff is linked in post 11.
I ordered and installed a complete new left side Gear-to Fuselage fairing from Univair #13150-00, (Right side is 13150-01) which came with the rubber moulding #13150-04 attached via staples. That moulding is FLAT. It is just like the one I took off (but was nice and straight and not wrinkled with wallowed out holes).

I don't have it in front of me but that flat rubber is reinforced, about .10" thick and, it's about one inch or maybe a little more than that - wide, with about 1/2" to 5/8" sticking up above the top of the fairing and laying flat against the fuse fabric. It looks a lot like baffle sealing rubber.

The mouldings on the underside/belly fairings have channel shape which are also stapled to the fairings.

When I eventually replace the right side, I'm going to make it using my old one as a pattern. It's a relatively simple part to make.
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