Looking for a flight instructor

Anyone available in the Indianapolis area who is familiar with the Tri-Pacer? I own a 1956 Tri-Pacer and looking for someone to teach me in it.
Sent you a PM with an instructor suggestion but where in Indianapolis are you located?

I learned in our Pacer and my first instructor, eventhough he was a tail-dagger instructor, was not a good fit for our Pacer. Ended up with a great instructor that had lots varied aircraft time including lots of vintage stuff. Granted it wasn't vintage when he was originally flying it (he was pretty old) but he was very comfortable in the Pacer. The original guy had 5,000+ hours in a 172 but then added a tail-dragger endorsement but that wasn't the same.

You said you have a tri-pacer so not a tail-dagger but still good to get someone with vintage experience....IMHO.
Swear I sent it but now I can't find it. My first choice for an instructor would be be Laura Stantz. She's out of Kokomo/Glendale but might come down to you. She's a great instructor and can fly anything. Lots of experience with vintage aircraft.
If she's not available I'm sure she could point you to someone else.

I'm over at Mount Comfort aka Indy Regional MQJ
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